Erotic Art

Kristin F

3D Arousal

"There are you… It's great to see you here… Would you like for me to take a peek inside this erotic website for you? blushes I could take a little look from between my fingers… Hold on tight to me… Oh… I suppose you can hold on there if you'd like… Here we go… Aroused? Boy is she ever! Here at last for your viewing pleasure lies the lair of Kristin F herself. Careful, she's there in the shadows where you can't see her, waiting to pounce! Her tastes are purely sadistic - she derives pleasure from inflicting or enduring pain, and you could be next! shivers and blushes brightly

Witness here her erotic lesbian fantasies, where women do their best to convince their willing and unwilling partners that no, 'you don't need a man'. Kristin will show you how a girl handles more than just a mouthful of brothers! She shares with you dangerously festive seasonal pics, invites you to naughty parties in the dungeon, and begs you to pleasure her slaves and submissive friends. The camera catches Jessica just as she's about to feast between the thighs of her lover. Girls know what girls like, and nothing is spared in the sharing and lusting that goes on in these beautifully rendered images! It's a burglary gone wrong - or is it? Just because the missus was home doesn't mean all the fun has to end, does it? What happens when we're watching one woman ask another that age old question - "does this frighten you?" What devious device might she be holding in her hands, placed there just so by Kristin's artistic flair? You'll have to enter Kristin's lair to find out what has her so…arousing!

Oh dear… I think I'd better go before I get into trouble… I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into Kristin's sexy world… I'll see you again I hope… Bye for now…"


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